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Who Wants a Body Massage?
Don't Give Him The Stick
Pork Chop Sandwiches
Are You My Dad....?
Oh Shit, Were All Gonna DIE!
Body Massage Machine GO!
Last One There 's A Penis Pump!
I'm A Compoota! Stop All The Downloadin!
Grand Theft Auto V - PC
Posted on Apr 15 2015 by Ev!L ErN!E

Grand Theft Auto Five has been released for PC, as of 4/14/2015, so for everyone who's got it, and is gonna get it, I have created a crew for the online part of GTA V, had to do it like this,

  • EviiL Incorporated

Here's the link to the crew page, so once your all logged into the social club join our crew HERE

And heres a link to my social club page EviiLErNiiE
Reunion Server is ONLINE
Posted on Mar 29 2015 by Ev!L ErN!E

Here is the server IP for our EviL-Inc. Reunion Server

Name: EviL-Inc. - Who Wants a Body Massage? - I'm a Computa!

Now that the server is ONLINE get your asses in there and start playing, be sure to hit us up on our TeamSpeak server and the forums. For TeamSpeak server info contact Korn or Ev!L ErN!E

Hope to see some old friends soon!
EviL-Inc. & Friends Reunion Tour 2015 !!!
Posted on Mar 26 2015 by Ev!L ErN!E

Hello EviL-Inc. fiends!

How long has it been? Days? Months? Years? To fucking long thats what I say!, so I was thinking lets put together a little reunion tour, like the good 'ol days of the Evil-Inc. GunGame server, Who Want's a Body Massage?. Now those were some good times..... lol

We all had lots of fun together and its been waaaaay! to long.... so lets get together and get some games going, catch up with old friends etc. etc.

So this is a shout out to EVERYONE! If you used to be in Evil-Inc. or used to game in our servers, or used to be a friend of Ei, like PAF, hit everyone up on your friends list and let them know APRIL is the time we are all going to get together.

I will be renting a max 32 player CS:S server and a 35 slot Teamspeak server for the month of April, so all month long we can try to meet up, I know everyone probably has chaotic schedules now with real world events like, work, school, family etc. but hopefully that won't be reason enough to keep you away for at least one good game of CS with us.

I will post the IP for the CS:S server once its up, along with the TeamSpeak server info, all are welcome to join.

Be sure to hit up the forums, yes they are still there, lol, not much action going on latley, but hopefully this will spark everyones interest on staying in touch and still hanging out once in a while.

Also if someone isn't apart of the Evil Incorporated Steam community here, please ask them to join, its open to the public.

Best of G.I. Joe PSA's
Posted on Mar 04 2015 by Ev!L ErN!E

Posted on Mar 03 2015 by Ev!L ErN!E

Evil Incorporated's EverQuest II guild C H A O T I C, a level 88+ guild with a tier 3 guild hall in The Commonlands is recruiting new members, we like to play with friends, so any old buds out there (cough Jenno cough) feel free to download EQ2 and come join us, EverQuest II is now free to play.

  • Guild Name = C H A O T I C
  • Guild Server = Antonia Bayle
  • Guild Hall = T3 In Commonlands


  • Contact: Ninjjaa, Overrkill, Kniightmare, Deatthlok
  • Recruiting: All Classes
  • Forums

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