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EviL-Inc. Steam Group
Posted on Mar 03 2015 by Ev!L ErN!E

EviL Incorporated's Steam Group is open to the PUBLIC, so anyone is welcome to join, if your an old friend of Ei and trying to stay in touch this is a real good way to do it. We like to stay in touch with all of our old gaming buddies. We have been around for a VERY long time and will continue to be as long as I am here, so don't ever think the community is dead here, it might be slow from time to time because of everyones busy lives now, but I consider this home to all of you and I will continue to keep this place alive for that reason. EviL-Inc. 4 Life !!!!

Where do we play TF2?
Posted on Mar 03 2015 by Ev!L ErN!E

If anyone is wondering where we like to play Team Fortress 2 at, or if we have a server... the answer to that is, no we don't run our own server but there is one server we all pretty much like to hang our hat at and that's at:
  • Voogru.com, CRAZY HOUSE #1 (Texas)
  • IP:
So if your up for a game of TF2 and want to play with some of us the best place to catch us is there, or hit us up on our Steam Group.

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